A-PRP® / PRF™ by Regelab

What is PRP®?  - Platelet Rich Plasma

PRF - Platelet Rich Fibrin: Contains activated thrombin with a concentration around 15 iu/ml. These serums can be used as a natural coagulation activator of platelet rich plasma (PRP) allowing the formation of a Fibrin-rich platelet gel when combined wit PRP and calcium gluconate.

ACR – Autologous Cellular Rejuvenation

PRP® therapy or ACR is an innovative technology by Regenlab laboratory from Sweden that is designed to lift, rejuvenate skin and hair follicles.

Products we use:

We use products by Regenlab that are disposable kits which include all necessary materials for obtaining and sampling whole blood, preparation of PRP therapy.

How is PRP done?

After the blood sample has been taken, it will be put in the centrifuge for separation of the platelets from the Red blood cells.  

Our clinic uses intradermal injection, the platelet is injected into the dermis, just below the epidermis. This starts the process of stimulating the fibroblasts that are the dermal layer of the skin. 

What is PRP used for?

· Dark spots

· Dark circles under the eye

· Age related changes such as facial sagging, decreased elasticity, wrinkles & lines.

· Black heads, acne, cystic acne

· Hypertrophic scars and stretch marks

· Thinning hair, receding hair lines, scalp problems

· Post op laser treatments, chemical peels, and skin trauma.

What are the effects?

After the procedure, the platelets retain their activity after the introduction into the skin for 10 days. Within this period, GF (Growth factors) are released which leads to a powerful stimulation of skin rejuvenation. The ultimate effect will be visible after 30 days and 28 days for hair, after the cell’s renewal cycle.

What are the visible results after the cell’s renewal cycle?

· Smoothened wrinkles

· Improved condition of the hair and scalp

· Elasticity of skin restored

· Decreased manifestation of acne

Consult your doctor if you have any contraindications of:

· Severe forms of Diabetes mellitus

· Impaired platelet function

· Blood coagulation disorder

· Sepsis

· High level of fibrinogen

· Blood disease

· Pregnancy/ breast feeding.


Scars and Acne scars


PRP  injections rely on a technique both simple and safe, using the regenerative and healing properties of platelets.
They have the ability to locally release growth factors, small molecules that act as messengers to initiate the process of skin regeneration.

Injections of A-PRP into the dermis, support, accelerate and increase the tissue regeneration process.
A-PRP stimulates the synthesis of the different components of the extra cellular matrix (including glycosaminoglycans, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and fibronectin). A-PRP induces stem cell division and differentiation, and stimulates neoangionesis.

Hair Restoration


In a pilot study, which is the first to investigate the effects of A-PRP on alopecia areata (AA), A-PRP was shown to significantly increase hair regrowth, to decrease hair dystrophy, burning and itching and to increase cell proliferation compared to a reference treatment. 7 First evidence of A-PRP efficacy on acute and chronic AA was shown on a number of patients who were not responsive to standard treatments. Hair regrowth started 2 months after A-PRP treatment and continued up to 10 months..

PRP Vampire Facial / Lift


  • Improved skin colour, elasticity, tone and thickness.
  • Remodelling of the collagen fibres for improved tone.
  • Long-term smoothing of skin tissue and texture.
  • Faster healing following aesthetic treatments e.g. laser skin treatment and dermal needling.




u225 Injector

Our PRP is delivered with the best technology to provide efficient and effective delivery.


An example of how PRP or Microneedling is done with the U225 Injector Gun